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What a great theme!  Young Artists Workshops are designed to foster creativity and a uniqueness in every artist's vision.  Programs are structured to give attendees a lot of personal choices and direction, and the result is a piece of art that reflects who they are, and their voice in communicating it.

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Traveling art workshops designed to inspire the young and young-at-heart

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Terri Murphy is a children's book and media illustrator and a part-time youth librarian. In 2010 she began to give art workshops at area libraries under the banner of "Young Artists Workshops."  Because of a high level of interest from adults, she expanded to offer "Young-at-Heart Art Workshops" in 2013. Terri prides

herself on offering workshops where everyone walks out with something wonderfully unique to themselves and their emerging style. Whatever your age or experience, join in the adventure of creativity!

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