Animal Prints

​Draw on a styrofoam printing plate

to design an animal.  Then choose

two or three colored inks that will

be rolled separately on the plate to

pull a fantastic print!

Delicious Desserts!

Join in as we take a look at the

food art of oil painter Wayne

Thiebaud and render a sweet

treat in oil pastels.

Paint with Paper

Use torn paper in light, medium

and dark shades to interpret

values.  Collage them into a

cohesive portrait.

Reimagining Picasso

Artists will be able to choose from

a variety of Picasso masterpieces

to use as an influence.  Then they

will create a similar version using

collage and paint. 

Scratchboard Animals

Etch a beautiful high-contrast

animal on an inked surface and

see how to render realistic fur, 

eyes, highlights and mid-tones.


Winter Moonlight Trees

Join us for this step-by-step watercolor workshop where we create light trees against a dark background. A fun class for beginners & seasoned artists that produces spectacular results!

Embossed Aluminum Design

Artists will emboss designs on

aluminum sheets and give it an

antique finish.  They will extend

the pattern to the border with

colored pencils.


Pastel Portraits

Using oil and chalk pastel, we will create color portraits from black & white photos (supplied by the instructor) in a technique that is sure to surprise even the skeptical!

Adult, Teen and Family Art Workshops

Wildlife - Birds

Join in the joy as we paint our fine feathered friends in acrylics! In this workshop each participant will choose just a handful of colors to paint the bird of their choice as we concentrate on design and value.  

 25 person limit, 1.5 hours, all materials provided.  
For teens, adults or family groups. 
Most workshops $300 unless otherwise stated. 


Wildflower Garden

Whatever the weather, blooms are bursting in our wildflower garden. Learn how to paint wet-in-wet with watercolors and use one-stroke brushwork for petals, leaves and grasses in acrylics.  It's wild!