25 person limit, 1.5 hours, all materials provided.  For children ages 8 - 13.
            Most workshops $300 unless otherwise stated. 

Zentangled Critters

After looking at patterns in nature, young artists will create a unique animal from checkerboards, spirals, weaves and geometic shapes.  What bold animal lurks in your imagination?


Print Station

Young artists will gain an 

understanding of block

printing. Using various tools,

they will design and carve

an image, ink it, and pull a

unique monoprint.

Print Shop Pets

Bring in a photocopy picture

of a pet, or use one of ours

to make a unique portrait 

using a print technique of

various colors.

*extra materials charge

Wax Resist Watercolor

After learning about the 

process of dyeing batik 

fabrics, artists will draw

with wax crayon and apply

watercolors.  We'll learn 

wet-in-wet painting and 

texturizing techniques.

​Optical Illusions

Young artists will learn of

Victor Vasarely, known as the

founder of optical art. We'll

learn how to alter line and

shading in order to fool the

eye, and create 3-D art on

flat paper!

Alpine Tree Bookmarks

After creating our own

colored and textured 

paper, we'll create a winter

wonderland of bookmarks

with collage and spangles.

Great for gift-giving! 

Quilled Animals

Twist, pinch and curl colored strips of paper and explore the variety of designs that can be made with quilled paper. Then create a scene with your favorite animal!

Embossed Aluminum Design

Take zentangles a notch

higher by embossing designs

on aluminum sheets.  We'll extend that design to the

border with colored pencils.

Wild Portraits 

Are you a lion, tiger or bear? Maybe you have wings of an eagle! Young artists will use chalk and oil pastels to reveal their wilder side!​

Always Available!

Imagination Watercolors

Flex your creative muscle.

After painting random splats

and splotches on paper, look

at it from all angles.  It's just

like imagining things in 

clouds! Then use markers 

and paint to tease that image


Wire Sculpture*

Using a variety of wires, found objects, beads and baubles, we’ll create a unique character of our own imaginative design.


   Young artists will explore

Zentangle and architectural

design with fantasy elements.

   Markers and colored pencils completes the vision!

Haunted House at Night

Join in on the spooky fun as we paint a night sky & landscape using colored tissue and add a haunted house in silhouette!

Traveling art workshops designed to inspire the young and young-at-heart.


   Young artists will be 

invited to render their

favorite sea creature and 

render it in oil pastels.

   Add a simple or complex

background and discover

your deep-sea creature in

all its glory.

Wildlife Birds

​Using a limited palette of 

acrylic paint colors, young artists will create a wildlife bird of their choosing on a dark 

background. Discover how 

many blended colors you can make from 3 choices!

Pastries in Pastel

Study the artistic technique

of Wayne Thiebaud and 

render a sweet treat in oil 

pastels.  Then mount it on a

black cardboard frame!


   Investigate the fine art of 

cutting and folding shapes

into 3-dimensions in this

pop-up card.

   We'll finish it off by using

markers and colored pencils.

Pop Art Portraits

Bring a contemporary feel

to a retro comic book style!  

​Young artists will use ink

along with colored pencils 

to give life to a new Manga-

inspired character! 

Pop-Up Butterfly

​Flutter into Spring with a paper-engineered card. Kids will make this butterfly pop-up unique using sharpies and colored pencils. 


   We'll create a new kind of

animal by carving into a foam

sheet and pulling a black ink 

print.  Painting in details will


*New, for Spring/Summer 2022

Decorative Dots

Young artists will blend a dot paint technique with shimmering metallic paint markers to create an imaginary animal in this unique decorative design workshop.

Jungle Cats Collage

Cut out a lion, tiger, or

leopard face and paint it with

bright colors. Then choose

patterned stamps that will 

be inked and pressed onto

the art. Finish with cut leaf

shape to create a jungle!

For children, ages 8 - 13


In this step-by-step guided

workshop, we'll begin with 

simple designs and progress

to the more challenging

dog, rabbit and jumping



​Scratchboard Animals

Circles, squiggles, lines

and cross-hatching.  Design

an animal in its environment

by scratching a variety of

textures into an inked